Wednesday, April 19, 2017

L- Live Your Life

There's a tune in your heart
Very sweet and soothing
String of words from your mind
Just like you want it
Perfect note in your tone
Loved by your soul
Let the music flow
In a life, full of life
Dancing to your own tune
Your steps
Your moves
Your expressions
A solo dance
No audience, no applause
You perform
In your Γ©lan
In your style
Tapping to the rhythm 
Unheard by any
Your life
Live it to the fullest


H: Home

My little bird in the nest
Nest abundant with love, care and happiness
Happily growing  little by little
Little we realize how life flies
Flies In the flash of Time
With Time, You will grow wings
Wings of your own and you are free
Free to do what you dream
Dreams like the sky has no limit
Limits not stopping you to soar high
High And above all ,Ready to fly
Flying like exploring world on your own
Owning your  passions  and fire of desire
Desire to aspire more and more 
More than what life offers
Offers, showing  crest and trough
Troughs won't interfere with your spirit
Spirit to keep dreaming and trying
Trying gets hard at times
Times when you feel alone
Alone, you feel weak and lost
Do not forget there is a home
Home waiting for you and there for you
You are welcome with hearts open
Open arms and warm hugs
Hugs of support and love
Love that strengthens you to swim the storms
You are still the Baby of the nest and of the two souls 
Always good to be home
Home sweet home, the abode of Love.

J: Judging Women


The world has good share of people who are always  busy judging others. When it comes to woman, the number of judgments is an inexhaustive list. It is no less when a woman becomes a mother. Just when she is stepping into a new phase of life, excited and apprehensive about new challenges on her way, she is bogged with undeserving judgments which she rather does not deserve.

Have you not heard people pass vague comments  like 
she chooses her career over the baby, she must be a bad mother. 
She studied MBA to sit at home after the baby. Alas!
 if she had exercised properly, she would have had a  normal delivery. 
She gives bottle milk to the baby, how will the baby bond with her?
This is an endless story and it can go on for  episodes.

Aspiring a career after the baby does not make any mother a worst of her kind. It does not mean she loves her baby any less than a mom staying at home. In the first place, a mother can never run short of love for her child. There is always time for love.When a stay at home has her own  troubles or reasons to stay with the baby full time, a working mom will have different needs and aspirations. There is extra work she takes up, comprises on certain things, manages her time in a different way and aspires her career.There is no real need to judge anybody here.
 Every baby is different and so is the mother. The decision to stay home or to continue with her job depends on the child-mom duo and also the family conditions. Circumstances may or may not favor both the cases. This is the reality. A working woman is judged a little extra according to me. A woman works to answer her aspirations, for her financial independence, to build her  individuality which should not be lost on the shadow of her husband.
Along the path of parenting she also has lot on her plate to do. May be she wants to show her child to be financially independent which is very essential. She wants to bring home knowledge from outside which in turn helps make the family better. She wants to be a happy individual which will make her a satisfied mother. None of this means that she is selfish, a bad woman or a less-loving mother.
Likewise, people should also stop judging women who prefer to stay at home after the kid. May be she needs a break from her monotonous career or she wants to spend more time with the kid. Every one will have reasons for what they do.
What one has to remember is, everyone's journey is different. The roads each of us take is not same. 
Don't judge unless you have walked their path.


F: Forgive but don't forget

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I am losing track of time . I get up to a sunrise and soon its time for sunset and the calendar shows next day. Life is changing wonderfully watching my girl roll, crawl, scoot, jump and dance. Everyday is so exciting and new.There has been no room for boredom. I am so involved in thinking of variety of things  I can teach to her , impart to her, sorting things which are best for her.Sometimes, things strike hard and nice when I stand back and check on the reality.The reality that my little one is a store of life lessons and she has them in abundance for me to pick up.
More than I am there for her, she is there for me. As my wonderful teacher.
One of those precious lessons she teaches  is to forgive and not forget. How innocent and pure souls kids are when it comes to forgiving. The first moment of her anger for not picking her up when she sees me, or taking away that toy from her when she is stuffing it in her mouth or yelling at her (yes, I do at times) all fades away in seconds and surfaces with smiles. Those wide cute curves on her face which can make anything wait. How many seconds can she remember her moments anger in her mind? Not even a few. We burst into laughter together followed by a bear hug and lovey dovey kisses.Such pure and clear innocence she is.
 Why is forgiveness not so easy for grow-ups? Isn't life too short to hold grudges? Why do we hold hatred so close to our hearts? 
Can we just not forgive people and not forget the lessons for life. I think easy said than done.
Do you also feel the same ?

Friday, April 14, 2017

K- Know Yourself

Know your friends, keep them close
Know your enemies , distance you from them
Know your ambitions, put your heart and soul into them
Know your fears, punch them right in the face
Know your strengths, focus on them
Know your weakness, don't let it drag you down
Know your dreams, let them grow wings and take you places
Know your mistakes, never forget the lessons
Know your roots, always respect where you came from 
Know your passion, excel at them
Know your body well, treat it well
Know your people well, give time to them
Know what you love
Know what you hate

Until then the world can wait
Before anybody takes control and decides for you
Know what you want
 Spend time knowing you and living your life

G:Girl, I know you are watching

As much as I nod my head when people say parenting is challenging, I also agree that it's very rewarding. The rewards come in the form of watching my little one smile, cuddle her while I sleep and the innumerable smooches we exchange. They are precious and priceless. The bonus is, I try to become a better individual. Yes, I have been noticing a lot of changes in myself over 8 months now. While there is always a room for improvement the journey of trying to get better everyday is gratifying. Why do all this? Because the little one is watching me .My behavior, the way I talk, the way I sit, all my actions, all my expressions, my manners is observed recorded and played. I think kids are great mimics of the parents:-P..Aren't parents her first friends and home her first school. 

What becomes habits today will be their character tomorrow.As much as one wants to have a kid and  life revolves around them , the parents become entirely responsible for the ambience the kid grows up in. There needs to be a constant monitoring on how it impacts the child's behavior. I may sound like a parent who is into this from years now. But trust me, its unbelievable how a 3 month old baby observes and imitates you.She screams when you scream. Smiles when you smile, Claps when you clap and  exactly imitates you.In their  growing years they talk like you, yell like you and will be friendly if you are one.What starts like small actions will be her in her future.Girl, I know you are watching me.I will try to show you the best I can offer and it's my promise to you

Saturday, April 8, 2017

E - Expression of Love #A-Z Challenge 2017

Oh my girl
A life out of me
A heaven in our arms
A pure bliss that you are
An ecstasy
The glitter of happiness that shines
All day, all night
Through your innocent smile
Those curious bright  eyes
Ready to explore new things
That eagerness, wrapped in innocence
Undaunted faith
Gripping our hearts
Coupled with elegance, just as it is
A glowing star
A bright day, everyday
A bundle of joy, you bring along


I can go days looking at you
At peace I am , lost
In our world, of us
my heart melts and skips beat for nth time
At your every chuckle
Every lovely expression
Every yawn
Every sound you make
Every time your tender fingers move
Some times curling them around mine
Oh such a bliss it is
Every time you patch a smile
Drooling past your pink lips
Did I mention, those lovely dimples
The cutest ever
Raising your tiny lotus feet in air
When you pull your hair
When you roll over, again and again
 nectar of motherhood
The sweetest with you


Being there for you  always
Liking this phase of life
To the fullest
Dear Esha, you complete us πŸ’•πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§

Friday, April 7, 2017

D:The Daddy

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A father  is as much important as the mother to a child. Not a little more not a little less, both the parents have essential roles to play in a child's life.His role does not begin after the baby is born, but from the day the couple is expecting and  all through out the pregnancy. The daddy of my little world is one such amazing father, doing every single thing to us and being there for the family, always. Since we were pregnant abroad, far away from home we together had to take care of each and every thing all by our own. Indeed, we had chunks of advice and suggestions, list of do's and dont's continually pouring in.But we chose to be us and did what felt right for our lives. In a way we enjoyed this exciting journey  to the fullest, just the two us and no one to irritate.

My husband never made me miss home. He went way beyond than what he could do. He was my genie and all my wishes were granted. Some even before I could ask for. Isn't that true love all about. Despite his work, he came along for every single doctor visit making sure me and the baby is always the priority. The auspicious moments when we craved food together, the apps we installed to know what-to -expect of the baby's activities  growing inside week on week, feeling the baby kicks, talking and story telling to the baby-bump, getting the hospital bag ready, checklists of what-to-shop, decorating  baby room all by our own was out of the world pleasures.

He was and has always been  found doing his share of duties enthusiastically and perfectly, out of pure love for us. We took evening strolls together, clicked pictures together, panicked together and became cushions-of-comfort for each other .We took it slow, easy, one step at a time and wonderfully. He is the strongest support I can think of and he is right next to me for anything to everything.Right from the dress for maternity shoot to planning of baby shower, right from what I wanted to eat to what I hated the most. He knows it all. That said, I did also manage my work, home and hobbies on my own, with out  bogging him with too much work to do in his court. In reality, we never divided any work as we always did things together and we enjoy it that way.When required we also got our separate "me-time". I was fine when he wanted to take a solo 10 day road  trip when his passion was calling or When I wanted to blog, cook, draw or click pictures.We were happy being us individually or as a combo.

The joy and ecstasy when our first family picture was clicked in the operation theater knew know bounds. We have never experienced happy tears in that way, like that day when we welcomed our baby in to this world.All amounts of  labor pain felt nothing and vanished like vapor when Esha arrived. A new life began when we two became three.

Daddy's responsibility became double(or more) after the baby just like the mommy. Now he had to take care of the little one , and a woman was not just his wife but also a mommy.Seeing his woman  in pain, who  had never seen stitches in her life before this C section was not easy for him either. All those crazy hormones, the sleepless nights of breastfeeding, cleaning up of the baby, the careful bath seasons, the postpartum doctor visits, keeping my company while I pump, handling the mommy anxieties despite his own, for every single thing the daddy was with us. 

We laughed together and cried together.The emotional steps we took together to give our best to the little love was cautious and challenging initially.To top it all we also had the responsibility of bringing the families to an other country ,applying visas,planning the trips and driving thousands of miles to show them places. He owned his duties, embraced them with love.He was always there for me then and he is always there for us now.. Is there anything more he could do? I cannot think of any.You name it, he did it . 

The story continues as he now dons the hat of daddy  competing with mommy instincts, making sure our girl has everything for her on time . Be it toys, the diapers , the pediatrician visits, evening walks, time spent with the on and so forth. Once a mommy always she is one and the same applies to him as well.

He never failed me as a supporting husband.When he had a career aspiring independent woman in his life, he gave her space to spread her wings in her arena.He let her be, without imposing anything on me.For all the judgements people made about me, he stood by me and is the wall of confidence.We apparently grew thick skin for them and are busy in our own-little-lovely world. We thank the stars daily for this amazing daddy .

I do not how this road of parenting is going to be. There are rough days, and happy ones. Sometimes, frustration engulfs us and togetherness keeps our spirit going. Certain days are gloomy and we feel so lost but yet again we bounce back.I do not  know if he is going to be the perfect daddy, but I am sure he will be his best version.

Like always, a loving companion to me  and the best friend to her. He completes us

P.S : In this post I am reminiscing our memories from the journey of pregnancy and new parenthood (still it is) and owing it to the Daddy (I feel he is the less talked about topic compared to the mother).

Amma and Esha  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Compare to Complicate

Oh wonderful woman
Look at you
An unique soul 
In the large universe
The charm of love you carry
Where ever you go
Lying in your hands
Profound happiness 
Wrapped in the soft cloth
Marking new beginnings
Like a baby, a mother  is born

As a doting mother
Nursing the little one
Delicately, into this new world
You two beautiful lives
Bound by love and destiny

Being your own version
Withdrawing from the world's race
In a space free of comparison
Along the path of compassion
strides of pride you take
Leaving footprints of your own

Don't judge another baby
He may not learn things quick
Like yours
Turn your fingers around
At that woman
She may not choose to breast feed
or failed to fit into her old jeans

The lady next door
Loves her baby too
For she is a beautiful mother 
Holding and balancing her career too

 shrugging away , the painful judgements
being a independent woman is her choice

The woman you met that day
Pumps a lot of milk
Formula may be your choice
Both of you, have your stories
a version o f their own
sometimes, untold.

A baby stepping into the world
From the cocoon of womb
Into the cozy arms 
Holding unconditional love
How does it matter
If the baby slid on her own 
Or left a scar of stitches

Every one is different
Every one has their battle to fight
Be you, epitome of love
live and let live 
if you still don't agree
go ahead
Compare to complicate