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Perception->Judgemental ~Reality #MondayMusings

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Perceptions are bitter than reality. Most of the times, perceptions and reality  can be just contrast. But, why do we even have to peek into others lives or their situations and get judgemental about them? Not good judgment, either. What we see and what we process in mind about a person can be shocking versus the actual reality. I am no perfect in this regard. It’s an human instinct you see.I have been proved wrong a million and one times in the puzzle of perceptions. Not necessarily with different people, but with my own self.

 Here is a recent incident.

Just like any other day, a few days before I was taking my evening stroll in the park. There is a pavement around a serene pond around which one can walk. On a bench which overlooks the pond, a man in his 50’s sat casually. He was royally dressed in his black suit and accessories like a Rado watch, grand gold ring around every finger, his brand new Audi car parked close by . He appeared very grim and full of attitude. Stinking rich look in every angle.

"He must be such a happy man on earth with so much wealth around", I said to myself.

 He was intimately playing with his adorable Dachshund. It was irresistibly cute. But, I thought a man with so much attitude would not even spare a smile. He proved me wrong, instantly. As I crossed him, he shared a friendly smile. With Curiosity, I asked his dog’s name.The conversation thus began- from the topic of dogs to Indian culture.As he stroked his fingers gently on the dog’s back he said in his feeble voice "He is the only companion in life I am left with". I saw his tears welding up immediately. My legs did not move.

 Soon, the clouds of perception in my brain started clearing and got a picture of reality. He had divorced his wife just a month ago, and had dropped his son, to the airport to fly to India, the same day. His son had been lately addicted to drugs extensively. More painful was the fact that he had lost his parents to an terrific accident, the same year. So much pain and misery he was going through. But in my eyes, I had a notion that he should be such a happy man. He felt so lonely that he wanted someone to listen to him.In few minutes we had become friends.His wealth did not help  him a bit. All I could help was to sit by his side and say “Take care and hope for the best”.He was a different story altogether. Perception had tricked my mind. Into something untrue and unreal. I learnt a lesson that day.

Isn’t it unfair to  judge the right and wrong of a person when we are not sure about the reality own? I have seen people who pass comments at ladies who are modernly dressed. In their image, they are party animals who don’t abide by any religious laws and left to air. Whereas in reality, they could be more pious than the mocking people.Possible! Why judge based on looks or dresses they wear?

The worst part is- some people do it like game or habit, constantly commenting and passing judgements.

That person who was presumed to be rude by his looks and hulky body can be actually very sweet and damn friendly.

The lady whom in your image is very reserved can actually be outgoing and exuberant.

That little boy who is physically challenged is unbeatable in math. He can still make his parents proud. Definitely not a burden as one thinks. Getting into judgemental mode is very rude here.

The couple who are not found together often, could have actually been busy.Why will one think that they will file for a divorce soon :-P

The list never ends...

Judgement comes based on what we perceive, good or bad, which need not be a reality always.When Perception paves path to judgement, then tame your mind or stop right there.Going by notions can be harmful as well. Instead of passing judgments, it's better to mind our own life. If we can, we must try to understand the real story and help somebody in need. Being curious is OK, but not being judgemental.It hurts. Everybody would be fighting their set of battles. Help them if possible else do not trespass into their lives.What we see from inside holds more power than the simple reality that exists outside. Beware!

Reality is what we take to be true. 
What we take to be true is what we believe. 
What we believe is based upon our perceptions. 
What we perceive depends upon what we look for. 
What we look for depends upon what we think. 
What we think depends upon what we perceive. 
What we perceive determines what we believe. 
What we believe determines what we take to be true. 
What we take to be true is our reality.

Gary Zukav ~

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I Live!

The phrase 'I Live' makes me feel gifted. The best blessing one can have is being alive. It's such a optimistic feeling.

I Live - my life
I Live - in my way, in my style
I Live - in the moment
I Live - to love
I Live - sharing a smile everyday
I Live - with a purpose
I Live - self-motivated, getting better each day
I Live - on a beautiful planet full of love
I Live - a life free from regrets
I Live - because life is a gift and worth living it fully.

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The Cat Wait!

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It's already very late 
He comes home daily by this time, 
I am ready for the walk
With the neighbour dog, the worried cat shares a mime.

Oh! it's cloudy outside
I hope it does not rain,
In hurry he forgot his umbrella
if he falls sick, it's so much pain.

I slurped my last sip of soup
just like a disciplined cat,
once he is home, we will play
looking at me he gives a 'Happy-pat'.

The awful wait is over
Bye-bye Doggy, I hear the gate screech,
he is safe and back home from work
To my friend, with a warm hug, I reach.

Writtem for MagPieTales: Mag 276

Friday, June 26, 2015

~Quest in the Alien World

PHOTO PROMPT – © Kent Bonham

Genre: Fiction
Word Count: 100

Two bags of hefty luggage and a ton of emotions she carried as she arrived at the railway station of  a strange place that seemed like an alien planet. 

The night had fallen already and the battery of her trusted phone was dying out. 

She stood clueless and frightened thinking where to go.  She did not know the local language either.She loosened her fingers to look into the photo again.

It was the only clue she had in which Saleem stood posing in front of a store .He had been missing and Nadira was determined to find her love.

Written for Friday Fictioneers:Picture Prompt# June 26

Good Night!

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Poem: My own
                                               A little poem written on the picture

        Linking it with A Prompt a day ,Prompt 26: Word prompt# -NIGHT,in 33 words

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Road Trip to Smoky Mountains - Part 2 and the final one.

For the interesting flashback fun, the Part 1 of the series.... Read here.

As I hit the bed in a hope to dissolve in some sound sleep, I heard some weird noises quite frequently. All my friends had already slept by then. I jumped from the bed to check if the doors were latched properly. Fear of bears had crept in me already:-P. The terrified part of me browsed for safety tips for avoiding bear attacks. As though I completely mastered the art of bear attack just by surfing net, I closed my eyes, hell damn tired. No bear or no dream. Just, Sound  sleep.

 Fun Adventures of Day 2:

1) Scenic Helicopter Tour

We were up and ready by 8 in the morning. After  heartily eating our home made breakfast (it was more like home in a day), we set ourselves for  the first activity for the day .The  booking for the Helicopter tour, Gatlinburg was made on the way as we drove downhill. Under thirty minutes, after journeying in the Crissy-cross and hair-pin-bend roads we reached the spot for some aerial fun.

We went in 2  batches of 3 each for the sight seeing. At my turn I chose to sit next to the handsome pilot.*wink*. The scenic helicopter tour put us above  Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We chose for a short tour to fit our time, budget and desire. The longer tours extend further into the national park with views of such places as Cades Cove, The Chimneys, Clingmans Dome, The Sawteeth and Mt LeConte. 

Watching the vast expanse of the mountain valleys, pristine estuaries and the adjacent foothills of the national park from the unmatched vantage point was awe-inspiring and a memorable experience. I went on to capture the grandeur and the glory of the view from the seat of a black and yellow Scenic helicopter. This is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be missed. The prices does not pinch too hard in your pockets too.

2)Oh some shopping please!- At the Yard sales.

Though I am technically not supposed to put this one under the main topic of fun adventure. I bet it was sure so much adventure for the guys to come along with us for the  shopping endeavours  in the burning summer heat. And for the 2 ladies of the troop we are best at shopping, irrespective of weather. We bought a bag, a fedora , a tennis racket and some home decors. Oh Yay! I shopped for some dog  toys and cute photo frames to gift my dogs at India. They won’t spare me otherwise you see. I got the best offers from an American in his 80’s ,who had patched a brilliant smile in his face. How I could resist then?

3)Zorbing and ziplines

The ziplines are definitely fun but since we did not find them very exciting we opted to zorb instead. Gravity National Park offered a good deal to us for a water Zorb. 3 among 6 settled for this event. I along with the other two sat on the bench to relax on the delicately laid green patch of land. It was fun watching our friends tumble down the zig-zag paths-splish and splash along the bottom of the OGO (The OGO is like a spaceship, except its made out of plastic and flies down a hill instead of outer space.-pun intended). Watching their videos taken in the waterproof go-pro-cam was hilarious. A decent deal was made grab the videos.

Zorb! Zorb

sharing some Clicks here - they are great for indoor amusements. But we were completely outdooor this time and also fell short of time to cover these.

Hollwood Wax Museum

For some Hi-tech Fantasy games..
I dont want to miss this next this :(

The Titanic Museum

4) At the winery.Wine–tasting

Smokeys is a land of wineries. It comprises of 5 wineries which are open the whole year except for the Christmas day. We walked into one of them, where friendly faces  helped us to understand the world of wine .We got free samples to taste and understand what went into our body. A wide and unique range of wines were displayed and sold. On the whole, chilled wine after a extreme sunny day tasted a lot better than usual.We picked a couple of interesting flavors with less alcohol percentage.

As the night fell, our cooking and party started. We had picked up the ingredients for cooking from a near by Walmart. I offered to cook some Italian prawns with Indian touch and the hungry souls were happy. My friend, the Master chef as we call him, moved his expert hands to get the main dish ready. Rice, rasam and egg curry ( My mouth waters as I type). Our last night in Tenesses was spent in the best way  possible– lavish dinner, dancing, drinking, games, sky watch and stories.

Day 3 –Final and the Best event

We decided to visit ‘The Virginia Safari Park’ on the way back home. It is about 6 hours drive from Smokeys. A perfect break in a long drive too.

The Safari Experience

I have been to several zoos in India. It is  always exciting to watch animal play in their own ways. But it was better this time as we felt there was a need and desire for people to be able to see wild animals in their own natural habitat. Animal Interaction was the focus of this experience.
We were  able to see animals run and frolic with abandon on a 180-acre landscape. The animals are free to roam—no pacing back and forth in front of a barred exhibit. In about 3 miles of drive from the main gate we could feed the animals with the speciality grain that needs to be purchased and can be fed through our car windows.

Llamas, ostrich, deers, zebras, camel and other animals run to you as you drive-in. But don't be in a hurry, the animals often block your path or lay flat-out in the sun.The choice is theirs! Not only are the animals were free to roam, but they follow their instincts.

Initially, though I was little hesitant and scared; after feeding couple of them it all turned into a tremendous joy. The Safari had a vast variety of species, well maintained in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley.

The experience of having a huge bull elk or camel only inches away, feeding from your bucket, is virtually impossible to describe. This unique animal encounter park appeals to all ages.

Take A Hop With Kangaroos!
 Watching the  kangaroos jump, leap, or enjoy a lazy nap in the sun. Be on the look out for mother kangaroos with joeys (baby kangaroos) in their pouches. That’s absolute fun. Such friendly animals they are!

 Highly co-operative to pictures as well. :)

Giraffe Feeding Station-

There are vending machines at the station to get a handful of feed at just 50 cents. So less to such make big friends.Isn’t it?

 The Tiger Territory 

 The Orange and white Bengal tigers walked and lounged in their territory in a magnificent way. So much style and aggression they showed even in their tiny moves. We stood just a thick glass away from them. It was my first time I watched tigers that close. No wonder, It gave me goosebumps.

Petting Area 

One can also Feed the goats & kids, potbellied pigs & piglets, chickens, baby llamas, and other little ones. They are harmless and hell damn friendly

Pot Bellied Pig

Budgie Adventure Aviary
I have saved the best for the last. The cute and  colourful little ones made our day. We had bought a budgie snack stick to feed them from the store. As we entered their zone, they perched on my hand. Clicking pictures with budgies was the best time of the day.

 One can also see-

Cheetahs,Reptile House, Monkeys of all shapes and sizes, Giant tortoises, Warthogs
Flamingo and many more.

The Pretty peacocks at the Parking lot

This unique animal encounter park appeals to all ages.
After half a dozen more hours of jolly drive, we reached our respective places treasuring a bunch of memories.

My Two cents: No matter what time of year you visit Gatlinburg, you’ll be impressed with the variety of attractions the place offers. If you love the outdoors, check out our white water rafting trips, zip lines, Mountain walking tours and so on. If you’re more the indoors type, be sure to visit the amazing Ripley’s Aquarium along with all the other Ripley’s attractions.

So much to explore in this place, a  short trip can never fit in. 

The Icecream virtually shared.

P.S : Photo Courtesy:Ram, Karthik and myself
       Plan Co-ordinator :Gawri shankar and Sheeba ( The kind and awesome couple).
       Long drive-special thanks: Tirupathi.

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photo by Bert Stern

They lay and laughed in the bed after the party was over. They were more than friends in life than  mere couples. 

His eyes popped  in surprise when she tossed a cigar packet in front of him. It was the first time she did it, and she knew that it will be the last time too. 

When his curious and her concerned eyes met, she winked as she said
"So here you go my man. Burn them all into smoke tonight, for one last time. And get out of your smoke rings by morning ".

Alex clearly knew Henna’s intensions. After all, his chain smoking had already begun to take severe toll on his lungs.

He laughed at himself looking at the cigar, a part of him sinking in shame for not being serious about his health.

“I am sorry, I know my family needs me” meaning every word he said.

“ Trust me. It’s not late yet, we can still fight it. Each day you will get better” she assured, gripping his hands in hers.

His love for henna and his kids had surpassed his addiction. 

On the Rocks, Parting painfully.

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Priya and Pervaiz sat in silence holding their hands in faint hope, grazing hard into the vast and void sky, on the damp and hard rock facing the aching sea, watching each wave splash in merry and  breaking  finally just like their dreams .

Both together, swallowed a lump of pain and hopelessness when they knew that it was time to bid Goodbye to each other as all their efforts for staying together in the bond of marriage had failed in vain and Priya had her wedding in a couple of days to an unknown soul from a different planet where all in her family except her belonged.

At that moment, the two puzzled souls were circumscribed and swarmed in nervous thoughts, their heart sank into their gut  of incorrigible helplessness, they felt like getting lost from the society of illogical differences forever but that was not the way they wanted to end it.

The waves of the sea watched them and wept along, as they passionately kissed and hugged, shedding tears in each other’s arms, not willing to let go of their love and from each other's lives forever. 

A part of their heart  remained on those rocks as they left, that evening their curses to the society filled the air for shattering their dreams, peeling their soul layer by layer, parting them forever in the name of religion .