Friday, April 22, 2016

P:Patience pays off #A-Z Challenge 2016

"Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016

Patience is a unique quality which very important in life.The irony is a short-tempered person like me talking about it.Yes, people who know me are aware about the impatient streak in me.With time, I have learnt the hard way that some problems can be solved only by the virtue of patience.Nothing more or nothing less but being calm and patient is the only way to solve few problems.Especially, when it comes to relationships along with love and trust patience becomes an essential ingredient.I  have made mistakes in the past of shouting at people, yelling at troubles, losing my temper and doing stupid things good for nothing.

Life being the best teacher taught me that patience pays off in it's own style.When me and my husband were facing troubles to get our parents convinced for our wedding, along with lots of talking we had no option but to remain patient.It definitely took a lot of time as it was not a easy task for us to accomplish.But, fortunately the results turned out to be good.Every problem takes it's own time to be solved.Time is the best medicine to heal any wound.Jumping and pulling my hair over it did not make a speck of difference instead made my troubles complicated.Recently, I had true test of patience which was not easy for me to take.The approval of my work permit when I traveled to US along with my husband.For a person like me who hates to sit at home, USCIS took its own sweet time like never before to approve my application.90 days of time to change from one status to other was no joke.

Though initially I was always found irritated and cribbing, soon I had to change my attitude to remain sane.'Patience, patience girl..'everyone advised me.Did not  make sense to me until I was convinced myself that nothing could be done except for giving it time and hoping for the best.I tried to divert my thoughts towards  hobbies like quilling, writing, reading, gardening,cooking and traveled to lot of places.It helped me to get over my frustration and practice patience.A complicated thing for me started becoming natural.Thanks to all the circumstances I had to go through.

Would like to know how you practice patience? How do you handle tough circumstances?




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