Friday, April 22, 2016

Q: Quiet Inside # A-Z Challenge 2016

"Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016

Our mind plays a role of both a friend and a foe.All those enormous thoughts created in fraction of seconds influence our decisions and way of life.The inner noise inside the mind is more powerful and chaotic than the ones that disturb us from outside.For a simple problem there are so many assumptions popping up faster than than popcorn and in no time a mess is created.Can anyone even understand what fuzzy algorithm it follows? I think it's beyond science to discover it.No, I am not talking about studying mind here.I don't know a bit of it.

In a world where everyone is busy stalking and invading every other person's life and trying to  give unnecessary opinions and suggestions, one thing that comes to my rescue is just being quiet.You can ask me why not talk back and argue.I have did that all just to realize that it's not worth my time to throw stone at every barking dog.When I don't to listen to someone's advise which does not make sense to me, I try to ignore.Getting into argument makes things complicated.Of course, there are people in my life like my parents, husband, brother, my close friends with whom I can hold healthy discussions and even arguments. But that can not be done with people who really don't matter to me.So being quiet is the only best thing to do according to me.

'Quiet inside' is more a private way for me to de-clutter my mind and get clarity over a situation.And yeah, taking few deep breaths, sitting alone on the couch, getting engrossed in myself is the way I try to separate from the outer world and think about my problem.If not me, who else can better understand what's going on in my mind.This method has worked for me umpteen number of times and I will be able to think of the most appropriate solution at that moment.It helps me get good hold on what the exact issue is, what can and cannot be done about it and my control of getting over it.Isn't it a good way to get clarity? Quieter we become the better we hear Isn't it?.

What are your methods of quietening the mind? How do you manage the clutter in your head?




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