Sunday, April 24, 2016

S:keep it Simple #A-Z Cahllenge 2016

"Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016

Simplicity is elegance.Whether it is lifestyle, practices, cooking, house decor, dressing and anything looks good when it is kept simple.Being loud and complicated cannot be handled by me.As much as I love to try my hands at new recipes, I try to keep them simple.I know few friends of mine who cannot begin the process of cooking unless each and every ingredient in the list is there in the kitchen counter.

There is so much elaborate cooking that takes place that by the time the breakfast  is made it will be lunch time.I understand certain recipes are like that and when one wishes to make it for the family so much time and effort is surely involved.But, not on a every day basis.I love to keep my cooking simple with certain variations when some ingredient is not in my refrigerator.Talking about the style, I love to dress in simple kurthas, t-shirts, denim jeans/shorts based on the occasion.Even when it comes to traditional dressing a simple saree teamed with a ear stud and a neck piece which does not look loud makes me feel good.

Coming from the family of goldsmiths and not wearing gold is looked upon like a crime at my place.Somehow gold makes me feel look glossy and grand.So I try to stay away from it.I would love silver to gold for the subtle color it reflects on me.During my college days, I aptly remember how my everyone's eyeballs pop out when I show up to a family event in my simple FabIndia cotton kurtha and jeans. I was pulled aside and given a series of lectures to dress up grand when I went out, all to go in vain.I love comfort over luxury or show off.Same applies when I celebrate festivals.As much as I respect the practices we have been following from ages, I try to keep my celebrations simple.A simple puja, some sweet dishes and visiting both of our parents and seeking their blessings is all that will be on my list on a festival day.

When I was setting up my house here in  US, my friends advised me to buy lots of decor items from Home depot near by.Somehow, I feel too much furniture, lots of wall hangings, and paintings all around makes the home look clumsy.Buying just what is required and keeping the interiors simple makes a home look like a home.Elegance stands out.Me and husband are not the ones who try do to things for the sake of show off.We buy or do things that is just necessary for us.None to please.A simple happy lifestyle, simple thought process, keeping the conversations simple and crisp, adds grace to life making it worry-free thus avoiding complications.

What do you think about KISS (Keep it Simple and Smart)? How does it help you in your daily life?



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