Thursday, April 28, 2016

W: Woman, watch your steps #A-Z Challenge 2016


     Her life frightfully changes overnight 
entering a house of strangers, every wall eager to tear her
one occasion, three knots, signs for huge expectations
relentlessly toil, act and fear for the rest of life
her family's pride decided by her behavior
submissive to husband, in-laws and the society
giving up her career, passion and herself slowly
getting sucked into a place of void and loneliness
Her problems and pain camouflaged with a fake smile    
she is decided  by the clothes she wear
 the time she gets up and the meal she cooks
often judged by how the guests are  treated by her
time and again, she is the topic to be picked upon
Everything changed in a span of day
shifting from a place of love, care and freedom
to where she does not belong to
striving every day, catering unwillingly to cheap souls
Woman, oh woman
watch your moves,  look at yourself
Be the change you want to see
A life you are gifted, needs approval from none
Do not bother about the ever watching eyes
sacrifices and compromises are not your assets
Love only ones who deserve to be loved
save yourself from the tornados around waiting to swallow you
Your dreams, desires and aims don't end here
If you feel you are out of zone
build the one, where life is still a life you wanted
Woman, you were not born to toil and satisfy any
Stop looking for help from outside
nothing will change, it will never
until you muster courage to save yourself
for the power and potential within, you only need some awareness
For you have this precious life
Live it by your rules, your principles
It is okay to break barriers at times
Oh woman, stop being a victim and stand for the woman you are.


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